Feed the Fasting 2022

Copyright Iqra Media – Ramadan 2022 Donation Campaign for Afghan Families in Afghanistan

Sadly, thousands of people will go hungry with nothing to eat or drink this Ramadan in Afghanistan. Put your Iman into action: $100 can provide relief from hunger and feed a fasting family (4 Members) for a whole month. This Ramadan, feeding is believing.

Dear brothers and sisters, fathers, and mothers this is a call to action for those people who are happy for the upcoming Ramadan of 2022! Due to the most recent unstable situation in Afghanistan, most poor Afghan families are worried about feeding their families during this month. However, Allah (SWT) is the most merciful for all humans but he made has been responsible to help others as much as we can in this month of Rahmat and mercy to achieve the blessing of Allah (SWT).

It is a greate chance for us to support others but it would be a challenge for those families with no breadwinner at home :(!

Let everyone enjoy the month Mercy! Let’s bring smiles to their faces by releasing the least we can to support afghans in the challenging situation of Afghanistan with the highest level of unemployment rate in our country.

If you are willing to support a family to bring food for iftar, get in touch with us with this WhatsApp number. +93780119595 (WhatsApp).

Soon we will activate the Online Donation Buttons for easy electronic donations to fastening the process.